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An old screenshot of Darn Luminos

Photo: Darn Luminos Second Life Resident.

A while back I noticed that they were selling huds that gave the possibility to see what someone was wearing and to be honest I bought a free version of it for myself once. 
But I would like to share how you could do the same thing without any extra tools just on your Firestorm viewer. That is very simple by using the Firestorm Area Search option. 

Opening up Area seach

You can find Area search at the top menu bar. World - Area Search or you add it on to your toolbar by right-clicking one of those icons/bar below or on the side, and press Toolbar Buttons. Look for the icon "Area search" and drag it to one of the Toolbar menus. 

There are many reasons for using Area search, from finding a lost item and returning it till using it to find out someone is wearing. 

Area Search

Area search for objects will include the following four options. 

List, This will show all the items it found, 
-how far it's away, 
-the name of the item, 
-it's description, 
-if it's for sale it will show the price, 
-land impact, 
-the owner of the object, 
-what group it has been set on, 
-it's creator 
-the last owner. 

The neat thing about the items shown on this list is that if you right-click them you will gain an extra popup menu:
-teleport to,
-buy object

So when you rezz an object on accident and you use area search, you could easily delete or return that object to its owner or blacklist it so you can't see it anymore.

Find, Here you can fill in what you know about the item that you're looking for, for example,

-the name of the object,
-the description, 
-the owner, 
-the group that it's been set on, 
-the creator, 
-the last owner. 

Filter, Here you can include or exclude certain search preferences. For example, only search for: 

-if it's locked, 
-if it's temporary, 
- if it's copyable, 
-if it's physical, 
-if it's an attachment, 
-if it's modify, 
-if it's phantom, 
-if it's shared Media, 
-if it's transferable, 
-if the item is for sale between a certain price, 
-or search for an item with a certain mouse click action,
-how far it should search, the distance between two points, 
-only your current parcel. 

The last tab is "Options
This tab has nothing to do with the search itself just what display columns will be showed in the "list tab". 

Finally how? 

Now how do we use Area search with finding out what someone is wearing? 

Open up the "filter" tab. 
Exclude the following object
-and press "apply". 

Now you will see all the attachments that people are wearing around you. You could use the "find" tab to add the name of a specific person that you're interested in. For example, "owner" Angela Kwak, and hit search, Now it will only show Angela's worn items attachments. 

Keep in mind that Area search is very sensitive but you don't need to write the entire word down, so instead of "owner" Angela Kwak, Angela or maybe Ang would probably be enough. 


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