Taking the Knight Bus to Second Life

No Not Now!

Hair: Tram F1215
MeshBody: Maitreya Lara
MeshHead: Catwa Sofia

Hi, my name is Angela Kwak. I live in a virtual world that we call Second Life
I have been a resident for over 12 years on a daily base. I’ve seen people come and go. I've been hated and loved.

In 2008 I joined an official help group that was created by Linden Labs themselves self and I felt devastated when they stopped the program on December 11, 2009. ‘
I was a linguist, a buddy, and a mentor to many people and I loved doing it so much. 

Since then I’ve been in several official RHN groups, for example, Mental Mentors, White Tigers Mentors. My recent activities are Haven Helpers,
Firestorm Dutch Support & Gateway Team member 2017. In some cases, these groups are given access to restricted areas,
for example, the group White Tiger Mentors Orientation, this group is a division of White Tiger Mentors and they have been invited to have exclusive access to one of the
Learning Islands to welcome new residents for a designated period time.

I love helping people and the best thing is I do it with my best friend.
But we are also people with feelings. 
And sometimes you can’t help someone or you need to make people aware about rules, this is nothing personal, we do this because we have to.
And still people often become angry and aggressive or they don’t mention anything at all and just leave. 
And once in a while, someone reacts so extremely that they start to create alts. Oh yeah, I have been harassed several times. They do seem to find my name soo extremely funny. 

Besides a mentor, I am also just a resident that enjoys this world. I just love shopping, I tried clothing blogging several times, and my Flickr screenshots got a bit out of hand.
I do love exploring this virtual world. So I thought why not combine all the things I love and share it in the future right here.

So let's hop on the Knight bus and join in my journey through Second Life.

Sometimes you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy your free time being yourself
Costa do Sol - Green Acres - The Place I want to be (adult)

Little Disclaimer, Opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily express the view of any organization or others that I'm involved with or are mentioned in here.